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MD82 Maddog Tutorial
MD82 Maddog Tutorial
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Rezensionen zu: Digital Aviation Fokker 100 Tutorial auf Deutsch

Datum: Montag, 28. Juli 2014
Autor: Gast
Rezensionen zu: Digital Aviation Fokker 100 Tutorial auf Deutsch

Thanks for the reply Bob!Opps sorry, I ment keep each character on there own cutosm sprite sheet (as in .h and dot m file) sorry sometimes these things are easier to communicate with the actual project! (im a terrible typer!)I have heard of people referring to keeping all the characters on an array and using getChild method (but if using separate cutosm files works just as well, I\'ll keep with that until i get a bit better at coding to understand how to achieve this.)Your neat macro trick to control z depth and playback speed and a myriad of other options, will probably ease the manageability side of keeping my cutosm sprites separate in any case I Couldn\'t recommend the Galaxy fighter course enough alone for these little tricks and tips, which certainly make life a lot lot easier! P.s Thanks! (its my first try at making animation, although I worked in an animation studio I was more of a 3d texture artist and illustrator/digi artist, so its nice to be able to try something new)now i just have to keep working on learning to code then ill be able to combine all things i like into one project!anyway thanks again!Kind regardsNatalie


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